‪Davis Square Gets Passenger Drop-Off and Pickup Zones‬

There are now three drop-off and pickup zones in Davis Square. They will provide space for people to get in and out of cars without double parking.

Double parking clogs traffic in the square, and it’s also a safety concern. During one two-hour study conducted on a Friday night in August, observers noted 12 instances of double parking near the Elm Street Citizens Bank alone.

The new passenger drop-off and pickup zones are located on Holland Street near Statue Park, at 414 Highland Ave. in front of Davis Sq. Nails, and at 212 Elm St. in front of the Citizens Bank. These zones will be open to the public, taxis, and rideshare services. Parking and idling in these zones is limited to five minutes. See the announcement at somervillema.gov for more information.

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