Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Adebisi AKINOLA (Shoplifting)

On Saturday December 23, 2017, I, Officer Marra, was in full-uniform and assigned to marked unit 782, patrolling area East-2 for the Somerville Police Department. At approximately 1900 hours, myself and Office Sousa (East-3) were dispatched to Market Basket, located at 400 Somerville Ave, for the report of a shoplifter.

Upon arrival, officers met with Asst. Store Manager, XXXXX; XXXXX stated that he had brought a female party into the office who did not have an ID on her.  According to XXXXX, he witnessed the female conceal multiple items (see receipt attached to this report for itemized list of items and associated value) in a bag, totaling $208.58. The female then went to the Customer Service Desk, made a small purchase and walked out of the store with the concealed items.

I asked the female to provide her name and date of birth, to which she replied Alicia Abisa (XXXX). She provided an address of XX Shareffer St, Somerville. It should be noted that XX Shareffer St is in fact located in Cambridge. Dispatch confirmed that there was no name on file matching what was provided; Abisa denied having any social security number, stating she had just moved to the area from Uganda 6 months ago. A search of her wallet yielded negative results for anything that could positively identify her; Abisa continually denied having any identification or any friends or family available to identify her.

Due to having no means of identifying her, Abisa was placed under arrest. She was transported back to the police station via Unit 200 (Officer McNally) and booked by Lt. DiGregorio. Upon an inventory search of her property at the booking window, a Massachusetts ID was located, identifying Abisa as Akinola Adebisi (DOB: XXXXX).

All items were returned to the store and the female party was trespassed from the store. She will be charged with the following:

MGL Chapter 266 Section20/A/D Shoplifting by Concealing

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Michael Marra #338

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