Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Patrice CINEUS (Disorderly)

The following is brief summary of the facts pertaining to Incident 17073074:

On December 2, 2017, I was working my assigned shift as the patrol supervisor for the Somerville PD.  At approximately 16:15 hours, units were dispatched to TJ Maxx / Homegoods, for an employee who was causing a disturbance.  Upon arrival officers encountered the defendant, Patrice Cineus, inside the store yelling and screaming.  Cineus was upset that his employment was terminated, and did not like being told to leave the store.  He was asked to step outside, by Officer Pavao, which Cineus did do.  I arrived shortly after, and observed Cineus, with Officers Brioso and Pavao.  I sat inside my cruiser for about a minute, observing, and realized that Cineus was not listening to the officers.  I could see Officer Brioso point in a direction away from TJ Maxx, and Cineus turn, and then turn back and continue his tirade.  I could not hear what was going on at this point.

I exited my cruiser and approached the front of the store.  This store is located in Assembly Square, and part of a shopping center complex, containing K-Mart, Staples, Christmas Tree Shop and other stores as well.  There is a very high volume of vehicular traffic, as well as pedestrians, walking and shopping in the area.  As I approached Cineus, I would guess there was about 15 people who had stopped to watch, due to his tirade.  He was being loud, vulgar, and flailing his arms and hands when he spoke.  He turned and looked at me, and told Officer Brioso, “oh your back up is here, well he can suck my dick too”.  Then he was asked to leave again.  Cineus said he would leave, but he was coming back, and he was going to cause a scene.  “Be ready”, he said, “tomorrow at 2:00 PM I’m gonna be back here”.  We advised him again, and he continued, calling me a racist, because of the color of my skin.  He said this is a “white man’s world”, and he had enough.  Officer Brioso talked with him again, asking him to leave, and advising him to contact management if he had an issue with his termination.  Cineus continued and said the store could “Suck his dick”.  I finally intervened and told Cineus that if he did not stop this behavior, I would place him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.  I had observed at least 6 or 7 children walk by him during his tirade, they could easily hear him telling us, the police, and the employees of TJ Maxx to “suck his dick”.  I told him that the behavior and language was inappropriate and he had been asked to leave the area multiple times by each officer and the manager.  He continued to be loud and called me racist.  At this point I told Cineus that he was under arrest, and grabbed ahold of his wrist, which he pulled away.  Officer Brioso then was able to get ahold of his right arm, and I got his left.  He was placed into handcuffs.  I notified Somerville Dispatch, and requested Unit #200 the Mobile Detention Unit.  While we were awaiting for the transport there was even another employee from TJ Maxx who came outside and told Cineus that they advised him to leave, and that the job wasn’t worth the trouble that he was causing.  Cineus continued, and apologized, and then got upset again.  Cineus did not stop yelling, until he was finally placed inside the Mobile Detention Unit, approximately 5 minutes later.  During this time, he was up and down, when he was asked to stay seated on a bench, he tried to bang his head off the metal bench as well, and had to be restrained by Officer Brioso.

Respectfully submitted,

SGT Michael Holland #270

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