Somerville Pop Warner News

Somerville Pop Warner has had 6 of their members qualify for the National all Scholastic team. National Pop Warner stands strong on making sure all their members carry at least a 70% average to participate and every child who has a 96 % or higher will be submitted to Nationals.

SPW is honored this season to have 6 students recognized for this honor. Out of the 6 members 4 are football players and 2 cheerleaders.

Our program, families and team mates are all proud of their accomplishments.

In the pictures, football players are left to right #68 Maximo’s Harrington, # 87 Luca Matos, # 12 Victor Lopes and in the back row, Darnell Pierre. The 2 Cheerleaders are A team -Varsity members Katlyn Silva and Haylee Silva.

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