Two Worlds Come Together In Peace

By Keithy Laporta

A PHOTO WORTH MORE THAN JUST A THOUSAND WORDS, More than just an image of 2 ppl captured in a moment in time, More than anything you could ever imagine..SO PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ MY STORY

To begin a lot of you already know my story and where I come from and the type of life that I’ve lived. I grew up in a single family house hold. My Father was shot and killed by a police officer in the Somerville Police Station in 1988 when I was just about 13 months old..I grew up in a time of poverty, no food on the table and my mom struggling to raise 4 children on her own due to the death of her husband my (Father)..there were drugs and traffic in and out of the house at all hours of the night, you can hear ppl coughing from crack smoke on the other side of the bedroom doors, family members nodding out at the kitchen table from heroin…

Long story short what I always say is that I am a product of my environment, I was the only one out of my siblings to go to foster care, then as a troubled child doing drugs and committing crimes as a young kid, I got locked up in juvenile detention centers..then from there I went and did many stints in the Billerica house of corrections, 9 years total to be exact..

I grew up with no dad and no type of father figure in my life because of the tragic incident of my father being shot and killed. These photos are of me and the man that shot and killed him. But today because of recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous I am able to forgive and let live. I am able to look at situations from the other side of the street.

Today I made the biggest amends of my life! For 29 years I never knew the face or the name of the officer that took my dads life and changed our family’s lives forever. This tragic incident didn’t only change our lives but this officers as well. This man went through a lot of pain, emotions and regret for 29 years now. Having flashbacks, emotional states, worry and looking over his shoulder being afraid of retaliation.

This officer was actually friends in middle school and high school with my dad, and the day he took his life he didn’t know it was him until he searched his pockets and found his ID. Not only did he go through the pain of changing the the lives of 4 children, but, also killing one of his old friends. This man endured lots of emotional pain and still carries it till this day.

Today Mr. Joe Voutour and I met in person face to face at a Dunkin Donuts in Somerville and we cried and had a long conversation together. I hated this man, I wanted to kill him, I hated all types of police because of what happened in that police station in 1988 when I was a baby. I grew up hating him!

But like I said, because of recovery and the Grace Of God I am able to think of others, forgive others and look at situations from outside of the box rather than only seeing stuff my way. I was able to hug this man and able to take some of the weight off his chest.

I offered forgiveness today, we wept in each other’s arms, there were lots of sorries said and lots of pain shared. This man did his job that day and faced the consequences of a lifetime, he lived 29 years in fear, sorrow, sympathy, emotional pain of taking not only a father of 4 children’s life but also a friend. I stared into his eyes and I felt his pain as he felt mine and we both gave each other forgiveness. We both got rid of some burdens and some pain and emotions.This man is a good man, and deserves to live a good life just like anyone out there.

He deserves to try and live pain free and find love, peace and happiness inside himself. Today Joe was able to release some of the weight he’s been carrying for 29 years and so have I…. Joe is a good man and a gentleman and a blessing!

Today because of recovery I am able to live a new way of life, I am able to be a father to my children and a husband to my wife. I am able to be a good friend to the people in my life. I am able to go to work everyday knowing that I’m going to change someone’s life for the better, that I am going to give them hope to overcome whatever they are going through. Take away the drugs and work a program of action to get spirituality fit and find a better way to live. I am able to be content with life and face my fears, All by the grace of God. I am able to be a voice for those we lost and for those who are afraid to use theirs. Today because of recovery I was able to make amends for hating and wanting to kill him for killing my dad. Today because of Alcoholics Anonymous I was able to look the man who took my fathers life in the eyes and say I FORGIVE YOU

Today because of recovery I am a better version of Keith Laporta


#FckTheStigma #WeDoRecover #WeAllHaveAVoice #OnlyByGodsGrace

#Forgiveness #Amends

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  1. God bless you both for sharing a very emotional story that has affected you both tremendously. It just shows how important it is to be able to forgive yourself and others so that you can continue to live your life in peace. Thank you

  2. It’s an old article, but an always current story. Particularly in this season of Thanksgiving. Wishing both of these men & their families “ nothing but the best.”

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