Ward 1 Alderman – Matthew McLaughlin – Extraordinary Working Class Progressive Leader

If someone asked me to describe Alderman Matt McLaughlin, I would say above all, he’s a likeable guy–at meetings, he’s a true professional with the heart of a lion. A great listener, skilled negotiator, Matt doesn’t give in or give up, and he’s the real deal.

Matt can never be caught off guard with any issue that affects our city or ward. If anyone keeps up with his newsletters, you will know what I’m referring to—his incredible mental energy and limitless patience is to be envied.

I find Matt rather unique –he’s like the best of both worlds – an easy going working class local who wants Somerville to remain inclusive, yet has evolved into someone who understands progress and wants it in a way that will benefit all residents.  When it comes to working for his constituency who rely on him for support, Matt’s always there.

As a staunch leader of affordable housing, he’s challenged the mayor on projects which have lowered the amount promised for affordable units (Assembly Row), while continuing to advocate for working class families who struggle to afford surging rents due to unconstrained development of luxury condos which serves to increase gentrification.

Dealing with the uncertainty of developments of Ward 1’s future, he’s met his challenges with a firm commitment to ensure that developers play by the rules. Matt understands the local community, has the ability to navigate well between opposing forces –specifically those who debate on what is best for our city.

What most impressed me about Matt is his dedication to those overcoming addiction. While helping to educate on the dangers of lethal drugs I watched Matt helping a community heal — from the devastation of loss of life to learning to cope with overwhelming tragedy.  It was during the meetings, I understood who Matt McLaughlin was – someone who cared deeply about his community and one who would not shy away from controversial issues.

Matt served our country in Iraq. He worked as a journalist in the army. When he returned home after his tour of duty, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University.  He has served 4 years as Alderman of Ward 1 and is now running for re-election.

Alderman Race of Ward 1 – Matt McLaughlin and Elio LoRusso

Incumbent meets repeat challenger:

There is reason to believe that Mayor Curtatone wants challenger Ellio DeLoruso to be the next Alderman of Ward 1 – to broom in more development, what else?

Like the mayor, Elio wants more condo development in East Somerville while Matt wants more affordable housing.

They disagree on everything about the direction of Ward 1 – one of the most contentious is their views on the immigrant population, policies for undocumented residents and how they affect their constituency.

Matt is a progressive democrat, while Ellio is viewed at a right wing supporter with conservative views.

So what platform does the mayor and Elio stand on? That’s anyone’s best guess. If you ask me, it’s all about the continued tidal wave of unscrupulous development.

Elio has voiced his opinions about immigration which he is opposed to undocumented immigrants remaining in the U.S.  Matt approaches Ward 1 with fairness to all residents including those who are concerned about their fate regarding their immigration status as it’s debated at the national level which continues to remain unclear.

While the mayor has been questioned on his playing favorites with candidates for alderman, he continues to pretend that he attends all events for each of the candidates. He contends that there is no preferential treatment given to his political insiders and trusted allies.

I personally have witnessed his absence during events for candidates and wondered the same –why doesn’t he treat them all equal?

I guess if there isn’t anything for him to gain, he’s doesn’t view being a no-show– a problem.

The mayor had outwardly supported Matt McLaughlin during his first run for alderman of ward one in 2013, so what’s changed this time?

His campaign manager has shared that the mayor is not supporting anyone for the Ward 1 seat, during this election, but he’s been seen with Elio at public events. They apparently share some common ground especially when it comes to what they believe it best for Ward 1 – cramming more luxury condos and allowing developers to leave their properties rat infested and vacant until they decide when is the right time to build.

When will developers announce what their plans are for abandoned buildings?

Are we waiting for the church bells ring when GLX sparks up the trolleys?

In his comments about immigrants, what Elio LoRusso calls, “illegals”, he refers to them as issues that have nothing to do with his duty as alderman. Yet, how can he make such a statement when there are many immigrants living in Ward 1? Representing the people of Ward 1, means that you represent all the people of Ward 1—right?

Curtatone donors who donated to Elio who never did before:

Tom Bent is regularly commissioned to do work with the city, including the committee that determined non-union raises for the last 3-years.

Sal Querusio is the contractor for the Stop and Shop development, a project Elio opposed in 2013.

Peter Paintidosi gave the maximum $1,000. He wants to develop his auto body shop on Broadway, and is also a partner at the Sunoco gas station on McGrath Highway.  Before the affordable housing development at the American Legion post on Glen and Tufts Street could be purchased by the city, P.J. bought it and flipped it for $500,000 with no work required.

He is friends with the mayor through baseball and donates regularly to him.

City staff donors also give to Elio now.

Mr. Norton donated $500

Read more below from a recent article:

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  1. What’s changed? Matt’s tweets against women who serve on the planning board. Those were deleted. His support for a mayoral candidate that has said similar things to Elio. Those were deleted. His supporters are brushing previous comments he has made about female alderman under the rug. That’s what has changed.

  2. A good listener?!?! Talk to the two elected officials that asked him about union square and he mocked them in person and on facebook.

  3. I’m sure Matt has valid reasons for all that you both have stated.

    Did you guys get lost in the tunnel between papers?

  4. Valid reasons? Deleting awful tweets and facebooking about elected offiicals? What valid reasons could he offer about pulling stunts like that?

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