Somerville DPW Foreman Allegations of Bilking and Defrauding Taxpayers at City Yard

By William Tauro

A Somerville police captain is being accused of allegations of covering up an internal investigation probe into the allegations of an overtime scandal at the Somerville Department of Public Works.

Mike Browne a Somerville DPW Repair Garage Foreman is being accused of allegations that he defrauded the city of Somerville by repairing and restoring his own personal antique vehicle while clocked in on the city time clock with overtime accruing for several months.

Browne is also being accused with allegations of fraudulently ordering multiple auto parts for his personal vehicles while charging the parts to the city’s parts account at the Department of Public Works.

Brown is also facing allegations that he and another DPW employee submitted heavy overtime hours for teaching CDL training on time and a half to double time the hours that allegedly reached well over 150 hrs per week.

There are also allegations that he and the other trainer were not even CDL qualified to begin with to train these driving students.

Also strong concerns are surfacing that students who Browne got paid to train that he already certified may be a high liability risk factor to the city of Somerville because Browne himself was not certified to provide the training in the first place.

After this very newspaper began reporting about these allegations in 2014 at the DPW the investigation that was requested by the Mayor’s office that was conducted by the Somerville Police Department and then allegedly covered up for the mayor.

Somerville Police officials are believed to have spent over a full 2-3 weeks sifting through mountains of incriminating hard evidence and conducting over a week’s worth of meetings at the Somerville DPW building interviewing, questioning and even taking depositions of certain city employees that are believed to be part of a plot to defraud city taxpayers out of thousands of overtime hour dollars.!

Hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars allegedly being scooped away by a handful of city employees for their own personal gain.

Hundreds of alleged misrepresented time sheets and literally hundreds of photos taking you inside the DPW Garage as it was happening were presented as evidence, but yet again allegedly covered up by a Somerville Police Captain at the mayor’s request.

Now taxpayers are requesting that Somerville Chief of Police David Fallon step up to the plate and turn the investigation over to an outside agency preferably the Massachusetts State Police or the Federal Bureau of Investigation to conduct the investigation forthwith without any waiting or hesitation.

We will keep you posted as this story is still developing…

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  1. lol another dirt bag who works for the city,nail him take away his pension and his car that the city paid for.hope i see him on the street sometime

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