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By William Tauro

Before I take you into this exclusive interview with Joseph C Voutour, I would like you to read a little about his background and his credentials as he gives his testimony based on his true eyewitness accounts of his observations within the Curtatone Administration.


Joseph Voutour was born and raised in Somerville on Willow Avenue. He attended Somerville Trade High School and graduated with Valedictorian Recognition in the Electrical Career Field (1973) He pursued his career and received his Journeyman’s & Master’s License, along with a teaching Certificate. In 1974 he joined the US Air Force, did his four years active duty, and served in the Reserves for another sixteen years, retiring with many medals, awards & decorations. His job in the Air Force was in the electrical field.

Joseph began his Somerville Employment Career as an Auxiliary Police Officer in 1978. In 1981 he was appointed to the Somerville Police Force, a job that he loved and and still does to this day. In 1988 he was involved in a very tragic fatal police shooting inside the Somerville Police Station. All levels of the government that investigated this shooting, cleared him of any wrong doing, and infact he was the recipient of numerous awards and decorations including the departments highest award, the Medal of Honor.

Joe was also decorated with awards and citations in the Governors Office (Mike Dukakis), and the Massachusetts State House of Representatives (Alderman Vinnie Ciampa).

In 1990 he accepted the position of Somerville’s Superintendent of Electric Lights & Lines (full time) at the DPW and went on a temporary leave of absence with the Police Dept.

Also in 1990, he was served notification that the wife of the shooting victum (Franco LaPorta), was sueing him and the City of Somerville for $ 20 million each. He was served on the last day of the two year statue of limitations, and it was done at the Federal Level, along the state level.

This civil case went on for four years, two years in the Federal Court System and was subsequentally thrown out. They then proceded in the State Court System, which also lasted two years.

The very day of his trial, in Superior Court, in front of the judge, he accepted the terms which closed the case. It was agreed the City of Somerville would pay $3000.00 dollars to Laporta’s wife, with the understanding that the 3k would be going to Laporta’s children (3 x $1000.00 each), and futher that there would be no compensation to her attorney.

The matter was then closed, and yet the stress endured after four yrs of litigation, prompted him to quit his city job and move to Maine.

Joe applied for a disability pension with the Somerville Police Deptpartment, and was granted the normal 72 %.

After being in Maine for about a year, Joe returned to the Somerville DPW job as Electrical Supt, but only in a part time capacity.

He continued to work for Mayors Mike Capuano, Bill Roach , Dot Gay and Joe Curtatone. Joe Curtatone later offered him the position of the combined Superintendents (Electrical & Highway Divisions), a full time job and he was ready for its challenges.


In Closing…here is the $100,000. dollar question….why have I now stepped up to the plate?

After so many years have passed since I quit my job and wanted nothing to do with Somerville and its crooked Mayor and Administration. I have followed the stories that Bill Tauro has written in The Somerville News Weekly for the past six months or so, and each time I believed the stories to be true, but I still wanted to keep my head buried in the sand and let it all shake out without my involvement. I then read the story about the US Navy Veteran that came back home and wanted to become a Somerville Fire Fighter, only be shaked down for $ 10,000.00 dollar bribe if he wanted to get on the job. Sadly, this guy self destructed, and I strongly believe that the stress was so bad, he couldn’t take it anymore, and Curtatone & Koty have some direct responsibility. It brought water to my eyes and all I could think of was maybe I should have stepped up sooner, and NOW is the time to step up to the plate, tell the truth, and help put an end to this long regime of corruption, greed, graft and political retaliation. I am very aware that I (and others) are key players into making a change for the better, for Somerville. My heart & soul, cries out to the Navy Veterans mother and family. I am so sorry, it makes my eyes water to write this down.


Will someone please ask me to raise my right hand and put and end to a long regime of corruption, greed & political retaliation?


I hope you crooks all stay nervous, and if you want to come clean, call the FBI, Boston Office (857-386-2000), and use my name !





Joseph C Voutour


The Joseph C Voutour Interview in His Own Words of True Testimony Broken Down Into Individual Episodes of Corruption Acts In His Observations:


This episode begins with a house that’s located at the intersection of Broadway & Lincoln St, Somerville Ma. In particular in this property is a driveway on the Broadway side.

This is one, of three, driveways/curb cuts that was done illegally, without any permits or payments to the city ($600 Permits), on a Monday Holiday weekend in 2005. It was done by the highway crew, brought in by Commissioner Koty and supervised by Foreman Tom Barry, and it was done behind my back as the Superintendent of the Highway Department. When I found out about this the very next day, I raised holy hell with Tom, and he went right back to Koty. Two days later Tom tried to hand me a check, and when I questioned him what was the check for, he replied it was to cover this job. My reply to Tom was,,,”I would never touch that check and that it was a hot potato”. I don’t know who the check was from or too or the amount, but it was clearly an attempt to buy my silence and make the problem go away.

When I asked Tom about who’s driveway was this and why was it done, he replied “It was done for Stan Koty’s son”. Tom also told me the other two curb cut extensions were done as favors, one for Mike Buckly (Mayoral Aide) (one of his neighbors) and the other was done for a favor to an Alderman.

I site visited all three jobs, and each was done in good manner by the Highway Labor Crews. Tom Barry also added that a parking meter was removed on Broadway to allow the new driveway. This was all done “WITH INTENT” to break all the rules, and Tom Barry and Stan Koty tried “WITH INTENT”, to cover this up, by offering me a check,,,to make the problem go away (which I refused to take part of).

It is my opinion that this violation constituted a crime, one that approaches “FELONY” Standards, in terms of monetary loss to the City and its taxpayers, and it is very  plain & simple,,,It was outright wrong and the evidence is “Concrete”.

After I resigned my position and blew my whistle about political corruption within the Curtatone Administration, I was contacted by Dan Cotter, (Dan Cotter was a sergeant during my interviews and waiting to be made  a lieutenant.) asking if I would talk to him. I agreed and was met in the police station, by Sergeant Cotter, Somerville Police Officer Neil Brennan, Solicitor Gannon, and Asst Solicitor Collins. I told them exactly what had happened. I also told the State Ethics Commission the same, although that was done in an 11 minute phone call from them. Neither agency could NOT find the concrete driveways and they remain intact today. It was a bag job, washed under the rug with no consequences, other than damage to my character and Integrity. Cotter, Gannon & Collins took part in covering up “An Official Police Investigation”. No doubt about it.



I will now tell the general public about another “FELONY” that was committed in front of my eyes, by Stan Koty, one that falls under the category of “MIS APPROPIATIONS OF GOVERNMENT FUNDS”, which also carries with it a “LOSS OF RETIREMENT”.

I was directed to accompany the Commissioner at Home Depot, to purchase some trees for the city. After completing our review of the trees and prices etc, we both went to the check out counter and waited with others in line, to pay the bill. We were both in suits and ties and carrying radios and this brought attention to everyone standing around us.

The clerk rang up the sale (some $ 8000.00 dollars) and Koty took out a check from his pocket and handed it to the cashier. I was able to see the check,,,it was from Bartlett Consolidated and made out to Home Depot for $5000.00 dollars).

Bartlett was the city collections vendor on damage to city property, mostly from car accidents, involving light poles, traffic signals, fire boxes and tree damages. I was flabbergasted when I seen the check as I know this is not right, all funds need to be deposited in the city’s general funds ,and that is Law.

The clerk accepted the check and the remaining balance due, was to put it, onto the citys account. After standing there for quite a while (and totally embarrassed & humilitated), the city account had not been paid, and the transaction was denied.

After we got out of the store, I challenged Koty about the Bartlett check and advised him that he can’t do that, that it was “ILLEGAL”. I also told him there would be no way for me and other city departments,,,,to know if we collected the insurance , and our books and records would be in error. Koty  told me that he had Bartlett change the normal payment routine, and had the them make out the check  to Home Depot and further that I should “GET USE TO IT”.

This was another incident, that was done “WITH INTENT” to break all the rules, and a very serious violation of Law. I was so disgusted knowing that my new boss was doing wrong, as I proudly, still carried my Somerville Police Retired Badge in my wallet, and that I had an obligation to report this, which I did the very next day,,,,I told Auditor Ed Bean what had happened and he agreed that it was a very serious violation, shook his head and shoulders, saying “That’s Koty” and then walked away from me.

I also told this story to Cotter, Gannon , Collins & Brennan…and nothing came out of it,,another one washed under the rug, and the same goes for the State Ethics Commission!

Ed Bean also took part in covering up this crime.

During the Gay Administration, Ed Bean also misled Mayor Dorothy Kelly Gay, myself and other department heads…telling us that the city was so broke that there would be massive layoffs and drastic budget cuts. You did this during a meeting in the Mayors Office, when myself and Dot Gay were looking into doing something about the Public Safety Building and Engine 3’s Quarters.

I was the lead guy, done some homework and needed ¾ of a million dollars, to add a wing to the existing Police and Fire building and get the Somerville Fire Fighters out of a filthy old trailer.

When Ed Bean told me and the others at the table about “NO MONEY”, Dot Gay looked at me, with disappointment and wisely said it would be wrong to build a new wing (for the fire dept), when there was strong indications that there would be layoffs, which made perfect sense , considering the city’s fiscal condition.

The plans to help the fire dept were then put on the back burner.

Not long after this, the election took place and Mayor Curtatone took over in January.  I attended numerous meetings with the new Mayor and I never heard anything from Ed Bean’s mouth, about the City having a fiscal crisis, infact, spending money was not a problem.

Ed Bean was Mayor Gay’s appointment prior to the election and had some loyalty to her administration (for giving him the job), yet we find out later, after the election, that he was working behind her back to undermine her and all the while supporting Curtatone for Mayor.

That deceitful conduct amounts to what is known as a ‘’BACK STABBER”. Because of these two things, he has committed crimes and should be charged with “FELONYS” and pay the price for his gains (as new auditor for Curtatone). Very disgraceful Conduct!

I don’t know how Ed Bean concealed the citys financial status, and gave Mayor Gay, myself, and a bunch of others department heads the impression of the city being broke. There was talk in the Mayors office of things being so bad that we all knew, pink slips were being thought of. This occurred about a month or so before the election, so no actual plans came to light of impending drastic budgets cuts, including layoff. I do believe that Mayor Dot Gay trusted Ed Bean’s knowledge of the citys fiscal condition.

I don’t think that she had an everyday look at the citys bank accounts, which is very complex.

She had depended on her Ed Bean to be honest with her.




I was at a meeting with Mayor Curtatone, in the Mayors office, with others, and while sitting at the table, Mayoral Aide Janice Delory came in and interrupted the meeting. She told Curtatone, in front of all there, that she just received information about the upcoming civil trial, from a law suit brought on by the Police, Superior Officers Association , about the Public Safety Building. She had a file and notes with her, and she stated that the case has been assigned to a docket. Curtatone asked her who is the judge, at which she replied with a female name. Curtatone said to her “Get her on the phone, I want to talk to her, I went to school with her”. Our meeting was immediately concluded. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and seen ! It was clearly a violation of impartiality , trying to contact and influence a judge on an active case (that had not taken place yet). That is a gross violation of ethical conduct , particularily from an attorney, and I witnessed it. It should be brought before the BAR Associaion and the Mayor should have his attorney’s license revoked.

It is my understanding that the Superior Officers Lawsuit against the city for the Public Safety Building being an unsafe place to work in, was lost in court. I don’t know it Curtatone called the his judge friend, but all indications per the episode with Janice delory, led me to think he did call the judge.



I now tell a story about what I witnessed at the Somerville DPW Christmas Party in 2005. The party was held in the Building shop and was a normal celebration that we have all been too in the past.

Mayor Curtatone and Aide Buckley were also present. As the Mayor was seated at a picnic table, playing cards and smoking a really fat stogie, I watched Buckly (who was standing a few feet to the side), look at the Mayor, and gave him the heads up nod. The Mayor & Buckley then walked out of the building shop and walked away in the DPW yard, and headed behind a DPW Truck.

I was watching as both of them snorted lines on the side of the truck, ya that’s right, probably Cocaine! They returned inside to the party and the Mayor sat back down and resumed the card game. I stood opposite him and waited for him to look up at me and into my eyes, which took a while, as I think he was trying to conceal the condition of his eyes.

Finally, after a spell, he looked up and I observed his eyes. They were all glossy and glittering, with little tiny pupils, all classic symbols of someone on drugs.

I then walked over closer to Buckley, got a look at his eyes, and BINGO,,,, his eyes were the same as the Mayors,,,all glossy/glittering with pupils so tiny, it was obvious to me that he too was under the influence of drugs.

I had suspected this condition earlier, as during numerous staff meetings, all parties would be sitting at the conference table waiting for the Mayor to enter, and when he did, the room just went quiet.

The Mayor would come in, eyes down, never looked me or anyone else in the face, never has any smile and always rubbing his nose and clearing his throat, which is another classic give away of someone on drugs.

At this point I also was aware that the Mayor had a major nose bleed in his office, and that Acting Chief Bradley, who was hoping for the permanent job, drove the Mayor to the Cambridge City Hospital Emergency Room.

And I had to wonder, why in the Hell would he go to Camb City, when the Somerville Hospital was right down the street. The answer is very obvious, he wanted to conceal this event from anyone in the city.

It is my understanding that he was treated for a Deviated Septrum,,,which is very common among anyone that snorts too much up their nose. I was convinced that the Mayor was a heavy cocaine user,,,and he was my boss, and the Mayor of Somerville.

I later reported this Somerville Police Sergent Dan Cotter, Detective Neil Brennan, John Gannon and Bob Collins. Dan was the cop in charge and he didn’t do any follow up on this, as he was still listed on the promotion list. Another  matter that was swept under the rug by Cotter! I would like to remind Mayor Curtatone that if he should’ve looked all around and behind his back at the time when he was doing drugs, that I was watching him the whole time!



Woods Avenue was just repaved, the whole length, and unfortunately, there was a gas leak under the brand new pavement. The Gas company had no choice other than to dig it and repair it. I kept Commissioner Koty advised of this and he replied…” Tell them they have to repave the entire street in accordance with City Ordinance”, and send it to them in writing “. I told Stan that we don’t have any such Ordinance, and further, that precedent setting court cases have already been decided, on exactly such a thought, city and towns CANNOT tell a utility to repave a whole entire street because of an emergency repair.

I then suggested that we could require them to INFRARED the patch, making it so smooth you would not know an excavation was done. I also told him that we could put them on the hook with a much longer warranty for the patch.

He told me to write the letter, and I told him I would not. He said ,,”then we go to the Mayors office” which we did the next day. The Mayor heard my story about it not being legal,,and he replied “Write the letter”, which I never did!



One late afternoon, around 6 ish, I was still in my office at the DPW and thought I was the only one in the building, and before I would lock up the place, I would check to make sure no one else was there.

I went upstairs and found Water Department Commissioner Carol Antonelli was still in her office. I went in and found her to be very stressed and all upset about something, I also observed that she had 3 large piles of city vendor bid contract folders on her desk. I asked her what was going on, at which she replied, “Joe, If I tell you what he is doing we will all go to jail.” Commissioner Stanley Koty was going thru each and every city vendor contract and studying the contract dollar value, along with individual rates that were being charged. He would then take that knowledge, and pass it along to his friends that he wanted to see have a city contract, and inform them of the numbers they must beat at the next public bids.

I believe this to be true and confirmed my suspicions by asking Steve Mirabella, a city vendor, about how did he win the electrical repairs contract. Steve has Union Shop, and the previous vendor (CNM Electric, Jamie McGrath President), was doing a very good job, and he was non union. Steve told me that he underbid the CNM rates, got the contract and was being reimbursed, for the difference between the city rate and the Union rate (Local 103), for each and every hour of labor. This was essentially a “Kick Back”,,,,to give Mirabella Electric (Koty’s friend) the city work and also to keep the work within Local 103.

Shorty after this I was advised by the FBI, that Commissioner Stanley Koty owed Mirabella $100k and now Koty makes sure that Stevie got the city contract. CNM electric got screwed/lost the contract.

Now back to Carol Antonelli for a moment…..One day, after things were really sour between Commissioner Koty and myself, Carol came to me and told me, and I quote, “ Joe, Koty is after you, please be careful”, at which I asked, whats going on, and she said “Joe, he is saying some very bad things about you”, and of course I asked her to tell me what was being said, at which she replied “Joe, they are so bad, that I cannot even repeat it”.

I’m hoping that Carol remembers that and remembers that conversation and to tell the truth because its not worth risking her retirement. Perjury is a 20 year felony!

I have been cooperating, ever since they called me at home (a week after resigning in 2006), with the Boston Office of the FBI.

I am aware that some 12 years later, that the case still remains open and active.

I would also like to remind Carol, that the FBI has her on audio tape, talking about Curtatone, Koty, myself and the open corruption. You were talking to a friend of yours, that was wearing wire (secret recording).

I was/am still very disappointed in Carol’s negative comments about me that I heard her saying. We worked together for so many good years and I always knew Carol to be a hard honest worker. She threw me under the bus (it was taped), and I hope, that the stress this has caused, is brought upon her for many years to come.

My advice to her is that it’s time to come clean, or risk going to Federal Prison with loss of Pension.

Carol Antonelli was caught in a very difficult spot with Koty. She backed him up and didn’t say anything or else, not much of choice that she had but she played footsie with koty for a period to time.

Sergeant Dan Cotter along with the others that did the investigation. I told Cotter   everything I had observed with my own two eyes and yet nothing has came out of it.

I don,t know where or how the feds found out that Commissioner Koty owed Mirabella $100k but they told me about it, and asked me where does Stan get his money from,I didn’t know  then, and accepted their story to be true, but it makes me wonder if there was some fudging of outstanding property loans and realestate transactions.

I have recently read where Commissioner Koty purchased a home in Somerville In 2003. Then he sold that particular piece of property in 2005. Then almost a decade later in 2013 the loan was finally discharged from a local banking institution and notarized for the exact amount of $100,000.

How do you sell a piece of property without it being discharged? Could this be a sign of bank fraud?

Something smells bad, the 100k number shows up on the mortgage of his properties, and where there is smoke, there is generally a fire.


I now tell you a story about Mike Brown. I wrote up a Letter of Reprimand against Mike, as I was his immediate Supervisor. I was immediately called into Kotys office, as Koty and him were tight. Koty told me to throw away the letter,,at which I balked. Koty was very upset with me, panting and pacing around his desk, with the letter in his hand. He took the letter and tore it up, in front of my face, tossed it into a barrel and said..”That’s the end of that “, at which I replied (as I was leaving),,,”I have more copies downstairs”.

I wrote Mike Brown up for continueing to negotiate with a salesman of a ford dealership, for the purchase of new trucks. The salesman was repeatedly calling a Senior Clerk at the DPW, waiting for a purchase order, and I verbally told me to stop leading the salesman into thinking the purchase was a sure thing. I was the Superintendent of the Highway Division and Mike worked for me. I also had first hand knowledge that there was not any city money lined up for purchasing new trucks. Mike brown continued to talk with the salesman, and after the 3rd time the clerk reported told me about the salesman chasing her for the purchase order, I wrote Brown up for negotiating with the sales man, even tho I had told me previously to stop it. His position as the Chief Mechanic in the Garage, did not include any authority to look into buying new trucks. Stand Koty squashed my letter of reprimand. A short time later I went over to the Mechanics garage looking for Mike. I was greeted by some shop workers and I told them I wanted to see Mike. They told me that Mike “was in the backroom sleeping”. I was disturbed to hear this, as I knew it would not do any good to write him up, as Koty had squashed the letter of reprimand one week earlier.


Now I understand after reading your articles that Mike Brown is a lot deeper involved with the alleged DPW Overtime Scandal in restoring his antique Oldsmobile convertible on the city’s dime hanging over his head.


I am aware that Koty wanted Barbara Stevens (Former Somerville Water Supt) to squash some water bills on a piece of property (Highland Rd), that he owned.

Commissioner Koty’s house was being sold, and there was money due to the City for outstanding water bills, but they couldn’t complete the sale transaction until all leans were satisfied.

Barbara refused to fix the bills, and was later fired for some reasons. Jean Cory late made the bills disappear for Commissioner Koty and he got to sell the house without any city municipal liens on it at the taxpayers expense!



Now for the Truth about the white envelope conflict, that I had with Koty.

I was called into Stans office and upon entering, I observed he had a good handful of white envelopes on his desk.

He picked up two envelopes and handed them to me. I asked what are these, because I don’t deal with white envelopes.

As I opened one, and glanced at the contents, I saw they were raffle tickets for a Charitable Affair. Koty told me and I quote , “that’s from the top” referring to the Mayor. He also added that one of the envelopes was for Steve Mirabella, and I should pass it along, as I worked with Steve quite a bit on city work.

I outright refused and said “I don’t do white envelopes, if it’s a actually a charity affair, tell the Mayor to send it to me and I would buy a few tickets.

I then threw the envelopes back onto his desk and walked out.

This story was first reported by the Somerville Journal, but they had changed (mistake or not) the term I used “Charitable” to the word “Campaign”.

The Boston Globe also reported it as “Campaign”. I called and requested the correction,,,,the next day the Globe reported that I was changing my story, there by giving readers the impression that my Honor, Character & Integrity, were in question. Nothing could be further from the truth, I never changed my story or lied. It was the truth then, and it’s still the truth today and Somerville Police Sergeant Dan Cotter knows that, so doesn’t Bob Collins.


One week after I resigned, I received my final outgoing pay, that included payment for accrued vacation time ($4800. dollars). This was done via direct deposit into my Savings account. I had confirmed my due vacation time that was on the books, three days before submitting my resignation, and I got a copy of that record to back me up.

After the Globe story was published, I checked my account and found the $4800. was gone and the comment on my account said “Withdrawal – City of Somerville”. I was astounded that they could do that without my approval, took my money, and I didn’t know about it!

I considered it to be Grand Larceny. The next day Somerville’s City Solicitor Gannon called me and asked me if I would meet with him regarding the Boston Globe article, which had changed the term I used in my resignation letter, from white envelope and charity fund raiser….TO…the term “Campaign” Fundraiser.

At that point I had already notified the Globe of their error and requested a correction, but Gannon did not know that. I met Gannon and Collins in the Solicitors Office conference room. They wanted to talk about the globe, and I wanted to talk about my $4800 dollars. Neither one of them was aware that the Mayor and his cronies had removed my money, and they had to take a break and go back to the Mayors Office. They returned and said that they would return my money, if I asked the Globe for a correction, and they then pushed across the table to me, a yellow legal paper pad, telling me to write down my agreement terms. I pushed the blank pad back to them, and said “If I don’t get my money back, I would proceed to the Somerville District Court, and take out a complaint against Curtatone for Larceny over (Felony amount). They then went back into the Mayors office, returned and told me the money would be returned, which it was.


I now take a moment and hope that all Somerville employees read with close detail. Your money IS NOT SECURE, from political retaliation. They did it to me, and they could do it to you. And none of that could have been done without the strict knowledge of the Mayor.

I knew that I had to get out of there, could no longer work for Curtatone or Koty and I also knew from discussions with the late Former State Senator Charlie Shannon, that Koty is one very vindictive person. Shannon had told me that Koty was going around and starting some very dirty, filthy rumors about him, after they had a falling out.

Koty was Senator Charlie Shannon’s aide.



My very first staff meeting with Koty was held in the DPW Conference room. All respective Superintendants were present, seated and just gabbing, waiting for Koty to come in.

The Commissioner entered and the room was silent. Koty’s first words out of his mouth, and I quote exactly “ The FBI has never caught Stan Koty,” as he looked at each of us, waiting for our response, he didn’t get any response, we all thought, this guy is not right and he’s our new boss !

This exact comment was repeated so many times, at so many staff meetings, that the Superintendents would gab amongst each other after the meetings and the talk was always,,,,whats this FBI stuff.

Barbara Stevens would make the comment, that she was so sick of hearing Koty make the FBI statement ! Those comments were made in 2005. In 2013,

I received a phone call from a person that was waiting in line to buy a coffee at the MaGoun Square Dunkin Donuts. I was informed that while waiting in line, a loud conversation was taking place at one of the tables. Sitting at the table was Koty and two others guys wearing suits and carrying radios.

Koty made loud, repeating statements, that gained the attention of everyone in the store….”The FBI has never caught Stan Koty”,,,so even though a lot of years had passed since my hearing that statement, it is still very active in Koty s boasting.

I am aware that if Former State Representative Vinnie Piro (State Rep), had gone down, with that returned cash bribe, that the FBI was trying to catch him with, that Koty would have gone down also. Koty has since gone around publicly boasting that the FBI never caught him, and he is correct !



I informed Bob Collins, Somerville’s Asst Solicitor, the ge has taken part in covering up an OFFICIAL POLICE INVESTIGATION, one that identified his boss Mayor Joseph Curtatone as a drug user, which makes it pretty obvious as to why you would do such a thing.

He was also were told, by myself, of the Misappropriations of the Government Funds and the incident at Home Depot with Bartlett Consolidated.

I informed him that he also took part in political retribution against me, repeatedly, via the Somerville Police Department & the Medical Review Panel (that was paying my medical bills), and that he was the Mayors Henchman.

Bob cut off, the payment of my Doctors bills, for an on the job injury. I am not longer able to go to my doctor and receive treatments for PTSD, as a result of my shooting while in the job inside the Police Station in 1988.

He also shut off therapy counseling for other Somerville Police Officers Joe McCain and Mario Olivera via his position on the Medical Review Panel.


I now tell you about another method of retaliation, that Curtatone practices up to this day. Retired Somerville Police Officers (regular super annotation , not disability), are allowed to perform and work police details with a bunch of conditions.

One of those conditions is they have to be appointed as Special Police Officers, which grants them Official Police Powers  ( to enforce the law and make arrests).

The appointing authority is the Mayor, you need his signature. There are some Somerville Police Officers who, after a long and dedicated career, want to work a few details and make a few extra bucks while on retired pay. Those that do not support Curtatone, do not get to be a special cop, and thus, they cannot work details. It’ s another silent example of political retaliation.



Myself and Commissioner Stan Koty  attended a Sub Committee Meeting of the Board, in its conference room. The subject of discussion was about a Utility Issue. Commissioner Koty began speaking of the matter and I knew the things he was saying, to be false! I tried to get Commissioner Koty’s attention, so I could keep the story straight, but he kicked me under the table, indicating that I should shut up.

After the meeting broke up, I returned to the DPW and so didn’t Commissioner Koty. I confronted him on the back steps of the building, and asked why was he lying to the BOA. He replied, and I quote word for word, “ I lie to them anytime I don’t know what I am talking about, I have been doing it for years, so get use to it.” I replied that I always tell the truth to the BOA, so you get use to that!



I was a primary investigator at the fire of the florist shop at the intersection of Pearl Street and McGrath Highway. I found and collected the evidence of the cause and I rigin of said fire.

A hair dryer had been used to ignite a can of paint thinner, in the cock loft, over the office area. I would have testified that the hair dryer was plugged in, the switch was on high, and it was pointed (within an inch) of the can.

The other Fire Investigator would have testified that the mayor’s brother Cosmo was the last person in that area the same day (by admission). Collectively, we were very confident that Cosmo burnt the place with no doubt about it in our opinions.

Court applications were filled out at the DA’s Office at the Somerville District Court, the charge was arson, and the allegations were that the defendant was Cosmo Curtatone.

Weeks had turned into months and we never heard from the DA’s office about when the charges would be brought forward through an indictment.

My partner found out that the files were missing and the case was allegedly bagged, and further, that a State Trooper, who worked out of that office, was dating Maria.

It was pretty clear as to how they made the files disappear, and the matter was closed.

It is my understanding that the insurance company paid the claims. Conduct of that nature is considered to be insurance fraud, and that is a felony.

It is also Law, that when two or more parties agree to work together for an illegal outcome, it is considered to conspiracy, and of a value that meets the Felony thresholds.


Now a comment about the Mayors/ Aldermans pay raises. Each and every time that a pay raise is discussed for the workers of the City, it is done over a long period of time, thru contract negotiations and the Mayor has the final say.

It is generally done with media attention, and the workers wind up getting the shells of the peanuts. The retirees pay raises are also controlled by his honor, and they get what is the remnants of the peanut shells.

I say this in a comparable context, meaning, the Mayor’s and BOA’s salaries have ballooned  significantly, while everyone else gets the peanut shells.

It is notable to know, that the City has a Triple A Plus,  Financial Rating, which means in street terms, the City has plenty of money. I recently got my retired pay raise. It was 29 dollars a month increase, not even a buck a day.

When ever the Mayor wants a raise for himself, I will now tell you exactly how it works, in a little analogy, so please follow along: The Mayor  goes to one alderman and says I would like to have a raise, the alderman says yes sure, but I need a raise also. Multiple this by 11 alderman (Need 8 votes) and the mayor has them secured and in his back pocket. The votes take place, and BINGO, they all get raises and their salaries are now outpacing the everyday worker, no negotiation, no long drawn out contractual issues, they just do it among themselves, and the rest is history. And they never have to ask themselves the question, can the city afford it or where is the money going to come from.

Attention to all you retirees & survivors, Senior Citizens and Voting Public. This Mayor has had his turn at running the City and he is so greedy that he won’t allow anyone else a chance to run it, and the answer to that is it’s a self surviving financial and political gain situation for Curtatone.



I am aware of the details of the Former Somerville Police Sgt Joe McCain and Officer Alex Capobianco matters.

Former Somerville Police Sgt Joe McCain has told me that he responded to a call for a sudden death in the home of the deceased.

The decedent was a known drug dealer, and also a friend of the Mayor Curtatone’s cousin Officer Alex Capobianco.

While Sgt Joe McCain was standing over the body, his partner called him, saying he couldn’t make it there, and further, asked Sgt McCain to take possession of a large wad of cash in the guys pocket, along with a Rolex watch that he was wearing.

He told McCain over the phone in this conversation that the watch and the money belonged to him, so grab them before the body is removed.

Sgt Joe McCain is one of the most Honorable Cops out there, he has untouchable Integrity, and just a plain ole god street cop (just like his father).

Sgt McCain reported the details of the matter to the department superiors, and guess who investigated it, then Lt Dan Cotter!

Sgt Joe McCain has since then been squeezed out of the department, all because of political retaliation.

The mayor’s cousin Alex remains on the Somerville Police Department’s payroll, and was recently subsequently charged with the crime of counter fitting by the Cambridge Police.

There was some initial media coverage on the matter, but no one can seem to find out what happened to Alex and the counter fitting charges,,,sounds very similar to the florist fire issue, these matters just seems to go away, off into la la land, and the media has not reported any follow up.

Officer Alex Capobianco was fired by Dot Gay during her administration for selling drugs, while in uniform, inside the Somerville High School, as the School Resource Officer. Mayor Joseph Curtatone, his cousin, hired him back.

In my opinion, Alex has violated the most serious priveledges of carrying a Police Badge.



I am also aware the Lieutenant Mike Mulcahey is presently being dragged through the mud by Curtatone. He is out on suspension and awaiting his appeal decision, Commissioner Bowman  from Civil Service (State Department of Personnel Administration). Mike is also a very honorable person, unquestionable Integrity and a very smart street cop. He is being victimized by the mayor via political retribution.

Now Captain, Dan Cotter is one of the Internal Affairs officers that is involved in the Mulcahey matter.


When I was considering accepting the combined position of Electrical Superintendent/ Highway Superintendent ( I was doing the Electrical Superintendent  job in a part time capacity), I was concerned about my police retirement that I was on. Koty new of my concerns and he called Commissioner Bowman (at Civil Service) from his speed dial phone. Bowman was very polite and did answer my concerns. That phone call confirmed that Koty has high contact at Civil Service, which means  Curtatone does also.


I received a phone call one day from the late Alderman Walter Pero. He wanted to let me know that Mayor Curtatone had my department photo and accompanying award (Medal of Honor) removed from  public display inside the Public Safety Building.

I was the fourth recipient of the Highest Award of the Department, as a result of me fatally shooting a deranged, drugged out civilian, inside the Somerville Police Building . My picture and medal award had been on display since 1988. Walter was thoroughly disgusted, and very hurt that the Mayor would swoop this low, and just had to reach out to me and offer his kind thoughts. He was very ashamed  of this, as he was an Government Official.


I now want to reach out to each and every person that has been retaliated against.

There are a lot of US, and more coming forward as this mess unfolds. You and I have been screwed over big time by Curtatone, Koty and their cronies, and I believe that we do have an opportunity to fight back. We need to do it together, and the more the better. I am speaking of a Class Action Lawsuit, one against Curtatone, one against Koty, and one against the City of Somerville (the deep pocket). I feel most confident that we could put on one hell of a trial, and prevail with the potential of a large judgement. A good chunk money of is certainly available for our legal counsel, and we might set a Precedent Setting Case on political retaliation. I have never wanted to hurt the City of Somerville, because they were very good to me for so many years of my career, but it’s a crying shame that this has gone on, and it has been done with the Board of Alderman, standing on the sidelines and watching with their silent approval. Its time to sue Curtatone, Koty and the City, and I need your help to do it.

I also need a very aggressive good attorney that will stand up for us, one that has understanding, compassion and can relate to each and every story that we all tell, and one that is willing to step forward and gets its compensation after we prove our case to a jury. If your willing to raise your right hand and tell the truth – contact me.


So after I resigned, Captain Dan Cotter and Neil Brennan, Solicitor Gannon & Asst Solicitor Collins did the investigation on  me, they buried it under the rug…couldn’t find a concrete driveway ! The State Ethics Board also investigated my allegations via an 11 minute phone call with me. I knew the case would be bagged during the phone call, as the female investigater, seemed to want to rush it and get off the phone. Infact, she even commented to me,,and I quote “Ya, that’s what they all say”. The ethics commission also would not find the concrete driveway, and cleared Koty. I later found out that Solicitor Gannons wife, an elected rep from Watertown, was on a Legislative Sub Committee, that was reviewing pay raises for the ethics commission employees.  I hope you read through the lines and figure out how Curtatone squashed the case there also.


I had the pleasure of working  for a number of Mayors. Gene Brune, Mike Capuano, Bill Roach & Dot Gay. There is no doubt in my mind that each one poured out their heart and soul, trying to make Somerville a better place,,and whats different between all of them and Joe Curtatone, is that they were all Honest. I was working for a very DISHONEST MAYOR and would not join the dark side. Mayor Curtatone, your demented conduct is a result of too much drugs, it has toasted your brain into thinking you can do anything you want and both of you (yourself & Koty) remind me of Adolph Hitler & Herman Goering,,,,they to went out and Intentionally hurt other good human beings, and boasted and laughed about it,  the same as you and Stan. What kind of human would being go out and intentionally shutting  off counseling for cops involved in fatal shootings.  The Lack of Humanity is gross & shameful,,,all because of drugs !  I hope that every cop, whether City, State or  Federal Government knows your name as a red herring. I further hope that ALL Law Enforcement Organizations, that have a magazine or publication put you on their cover, as NO Friend to anyone that carries the tin. (badge)


I feel confident that they will come after me again, once this letter is public knowledge. I also want to let them know they won’t have to go out and find me. I suggest the Mayor watch his back, and look around when your snorting lines, I was a retired cop and watched you do it with my own two eyes. I hope you will look into my eyes, from the witness booth.



I hope that the Somerville Journal, Somerville Times, Boston Herald & Boston Globe, give this the media attention that you have so far neglected. You may wind up with egg on your face.


Will someone please ask me to raise my right hand and put and end to a long regime of corruption, greed & political retaliation.


I hope you crooks all stay nervous, and if you want to come clean, call the FBI, Boston Office (857-386-2000), and use my name !

Joseph C Voutour


A Letter to the Citizens of Somerville

At the end of this story after reading it thoroughly we’re hoping that the board of Alderman and the citizens of Somerville will take action and press charges on those who are suspected of wrongdoing in these cases and not just sweep them under the rug again.

We’re hoping that the chief of police will grab the bull by the horn and do the right thing and bring all of these suspended of wrong doing to justice including the mayor, the DPW Commissioner and all of their accomplices including Somerville Police Captain Dan Cotter for obstruction of justice. If need be ann need be if our Somerville Police Chief can’t accomplish this then bring in the Massachusetts State Police as well and the FBI.

Below is a letter to the Mayor Curtatone


Dear Mayor Joseph Curtatone,

In response to the recent post on your own personal Facebook page patting yourself on the back for years of accomplishments for schools and what not, lets cut the crap.

Just to let you know that its your job to do that! You are the mayor, we elected you to do that. Did you forget?

That’s your job to better the community! That’s your job to help the citizens of Somerville! That’s your job to help our school children! So stop pounding your chest and trying to take extra credit for it because that’s your job that you get paid almost $200,000 a year for to do!

I can tell you that it’s not your job using the powers of your office to workout backroom deals for your own personal gain!

It’s not your job to allow your DPW commissioner to self-profit off all the city vendors and rig the vendors bidding process!

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner the rigging of residents of Somerville city’s water bills!

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner to delete his personal municipal water bill liens on his own properties so he can sell them without paying for water use at the cost of the taxpayers!

Its not your job to allow a DPW Manager to restore his antique Oldsmobile convertible on the city dime for his own personal gain on the city time clock with parts charge to the city’s parts store account.

It’s not your job to intentionally close down an offramp leading down to a business districts just to squeeze out local property owners for your own personal gain after they rejected your purchase offer of a used car dealer and a fast food hamburger franchise chain property. Retaliation, its not your job neither to intentionally divert traffic from these store and properties owners and intentionally starving them for business by cutting off their flow of customer traffic so you and your personal developers and associates can scoop them up for pennies on the dollar because there is no more traffic leading down to their properties.

It’s not your job to extort qualified eligible individuals seeking to join the Somerville Fire Department and try to sell them a fire department job for cash through your DPW Commissioner.

It’s not your job to take people‘s properties by eminent domain for the betterment of the community then turn around and bypass municipal bidding systems then selling the properties back to your friends and personal business associates for their own personal gain.

Its not your job to direct one of your Somerville Police captains to cover up the many important criminal investigations that he swept under the rug for you including your own Somerville Police officer cousin’s bogus claims and string of criminal activities that the taxpayers are still paying $86,000 a year in salaries for as well as for the DPW scandal as he did with no hesitation whatsoever which is a criminal offense for him as well.

It’s not your job to allow cocaine use including for your own personal pleasure to indulge the illegal narcotic product in the DPW yard as well in the presence of witnesses and covered up by the same Somerville police captain for you.

Its not your job to shakedown property owners for your own personal nor profit off the city of Somerville and its residents!

Its not your job to allow your DPW Commissioner to extort all your vendors that work in the city to force them to contribute to your campaign’s as well!

It’s not your job to allow complementary curb cuts and complementary DPW paving and other work for your friends and cronies!

It’s not your job to hire a local news publication through city municipal ads that the taxpayers pay forto try to humiliate and intimidate political opponents and witnesses as your own personal agent as well as orchestrate a fictional Facebook page to bash everybody because your a coward!

But Mr. Mayor there is way too much to more to mention but I can tell you one thing though that the good people of Somerville can finally read through your bullshit and they will fix this problem on November 7th, election day and vote you out of office!

I am very sure that the thousands of good people whose lives and careers that you have destroyed with your threatening corruption criminal activity will all come forward and unite on Election Day as well as for your indictment and trial to look you in the eye.

Also Joe if you would like we could meet you and commissioner Koty, before the election in a public forum and you can have the opportunity to pick and choose any articles that I have written over the years in dispute them with us in person in front of a live audience. We would love to be there to see your face as we present you with the overwhelming evidence to backup all of our claims in articles. Not to take me up on this offer is just more burden proof that you are a corrupt coward and that all of my claims and articles are correct about you and your reign of corruption.

There should have been a hero’s welcome and a ticker tape parade for your accomplishments but instead over the past ten to twelve years behind your political smoke show there have been many rumors of a ticking time bomb of the feds being in town. Now maybe those spoken rumors are an actual reality ready to knock down your door with a battering ram some early morning.

We’re very sure that after this you are going to command your fictional Facebook clowns that you direct and direct them to bash us with fictional characters and more of your typical bullshit that you and Commissioner Koty orchestrate but we have thick skin and we will have the last laugh.

This ten page story that came out this week in the September 26th issue of The Somerville News Weekly, “The Grand Theft of Somerville, The Untold Story” will tell it all and seal the deal.

Mayor Curtatone, you have not only let down and betrayed the people that believed in you. The residents of Somerville, the business community of Somerville, the taxpayers of Somerville, your constituents and your friends and family believed in a promising young man with a promising upcoming future, but Joe sadly you have also let yourself down!


William Tauro, Publisher, The Somerville News Weekly

After reading this entire story thoroughly, we are hoping that the Somerville Board of Alderman will grow some backbone and especially our Somerville Police Chief will step up to the plate and do the right thing here in handling this municipal crime spree that has gone on for so many years right under their noses.

It is their job and obligation to lookout, represent and defend the good citizens of Somerville from this municipal corruption.

We’re hoping that they will take necessary actions and press charges of those suspected of wrongdoing BEFORE THE GENERAL ELECTION ON NOVEMBER 7TH and not just wipe it under the rug again. If not, its up to the voters to drain this ENTIRE filthy cesspool of a swamp up at city hall!

We’re seriously hoping that the top law enforcement officer in the city, Somerville Police Chief David Fallon will step forward and seek criminal charges on all of the accused in these political crime-sprees and especially on his now promoted to Somerville Police Captain mentioned in this news story.

Chief David Fallon happens to be in an appointed position of the mayor as Somerville’s Police Chief. We’re all hoping that he will grab the bull by the horns and do the right thing and not just let this drag on any longer and that he will breakaway from Mayor Curtatone’s iron grip of dominating that’s upon all the city employees that he treats as his subjects!

Police Chief Fallon, we urge you to act on this immediately today, not tomorrow!  If you cannot comply with this urgent demand to seek criminal complaints against these accused that were mentioned in this article including Mayor Curtatone, Commissioner Koty, Captain Cotter, Ed Bean and Mike Browne, because this being a major conflict of interest, then we are urging you to step aside and contact the Federal Bureau of investigation today and let them do the job for you!


Maybe if true, honest law and order is being neglected in this city and political corruption crime sprees of this nature are allowed to run Freely around and take place only to be swept under the rug by our local authorities, well shame on them and maybe its the time to utilize and activate the powers of the Massachusetts State Police as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and maybe even the US Federal Marshals to maintain law and order in our local government.

Our leaders have let us down!


  1. Somerville has always been in need of honest pols( ???), it would take quite an OPEN investigation to totally clean it up because there are so many layers!

  2. I think the State Trooper that Maria Curtatone was dating ended up being a Colonel and that he and her had a marriage that lasted fifteen(15) days.

  3. Stan Koty is a piece of crap. I know for a fact he didn’t like a former Politicians daughter in law who went for a job and told the Director of HR who is a personal Friend of mine and not from Somerville that the woman who applied doesn’t get the job even if she is qualified!! His exact word were Her mother in law is an ass and knows to much about me and I don’t need that around here!! The problem is she knew he was corrupt

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