Letter to the Editor:


Voters in Somerville need to remember that the mayor works for the city. Seems the mayor needs to be reminded as well. The mayor does not work for the condo developers. Nor does the mayor work for undocumented immigrants. The mayor works for the voting and nonvoting residents of Somerville.
Voting does not preserve our democracy. Residents needs to pay attention to what our elected representatives are up to. Being involved with local government is a great way to understand what our representatives are up to.
Somerville City Hall should do a better job of helping residents become involved with City Hall. Somerville has a variety of Committees for residents to join, but these Committees often meet in the evening, which can be very inconvenient for residents.
If Somerville had a mayor who made residents his top priority, we’d see more Committees for residents to join. Such Committees would be educational and help solve problems for residents. Let’s hope this election gives us a mayor who makes residents his top priority.
Jon Curtis

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  1. It is the reason that many including myself refer to the mayor as the ceo of Somerville. This one more than others works on his agenda, not the peoples. I do not know if it would make a difference but holding meetings during the day when the older people are not so afraid to go out or are better able to would make a difference. But it would seem to be worth a shot. Evening meetings will usually get mostly a younger group who wold have no understanding of what we go through to try and stay here in our lifetime homes. And yes, I do not find a long list of politicians who understand we are their employers. Which is one fo the reasons that many of us in our neighborhood are looking to move out of what we once considered our permanent home.

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