The Grand Theft of Somerville, The Untold Story

Look for “The Grand Theft of Somerville, The Untold Story” a ten page special edition story in the next edition of The Somerville News Weekly. 

This will be a story based on true step by step full detailed witness accounts that will walk you through the Curtatone administration for over the past twelve years with names of the individuals involved including department heads, superior officers and managers, dates, locations, factual allegations of acts of extortion, racketeering, money laundering, embezzlement, misappropriation of municipal funds, bank fraud, witness/evidence tampering, city vendor contract tampering and actual proof of intentional acts of corruption carried out by individuals of the Curtatone Administration for their own personal gain that took place by betraying and hiding these acts of deception from the citizens of its city. 

This will be a true testimony of actual facts by named sources who have come forward and testifying against Mayor Joseph Curtatone and his administration so don’t miss it!

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