Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and His New Facebook Hobbies, Really?

By William Tauro 

Instead Of Worrying About Somerville Issues, Mayor Curtatone takes the time to compare President Trump to a “Giant Inflatable Chicken.”

“We’re living in absurd times. Got to say, that giant, inflatable chicken is making more sense than the guy who shares its hairdo” are the words of our beloved Mayor as he sits in the corner office concentrating more on insulting the president than running our city. 
So many other issues at hand but yet he finds time to go out of his way to post stuff like this on his very own Facebook site.  

With an immature childish mentality like this, it makes you wonder where all of the fictional characters are coming from that are floating around so many fictional social media sites and cluttering the web with so many trollers on Facebook. 

Recently they have been a string of attacks of local Somerville businesses by fictional Facebook characters on Facebook. Sometimes after reading something like this you begin to wonder where they are coming from. 

One thought on “Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone and His New Facebook Hobbies, Really?”

  1. Calling for a boycott of a beer company because it spoke positively about Trump’s tax reform hurts that company’s employees. . You are a disgrace.

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