Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line

Welcome To Our New Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line

“Are You Tired of Dealing With Troubling Idiotic Issues and Lack of Response and Responsibility up at Somerville City Hall?”

Please feel free to send us your complaints regarding issues up at City Hall that affect you and people around you in your city! “Speak Up and Be Heard!”

Please feel free to post on this site or call us at (617)293-2016 or email us at

All contacts and calls will remain strictly anonymous and will definitely be heard!

20 thoughts on “Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line”

  1. I was walking Down Medford st” well I fell because the sidewalks are just terrible to walk on. And just about all the streets in are not safe to walk on. I am a older women my age is 74 years old. A disgraceful city.

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