Somerville Man Asks Public’s Help To Bring News Home on Missing Brother 

This is my younger brother Mark G. Cafferty.Today is his 52nd birthday.He’s been missing since my Dad passed away in 2006.I was the last person to see him before he went to NYC then to L.A. I’m hoping that somehow or someone sees this and brings news (Good,bad or indifferent)..Thanks and God bless

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Any information please contact this news station. 

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  1. We are desperately trying to find Mark Cafferty! I am his 1st cousin and I’ve known him since birth,,, * Unfortunately both his older brothers have now since passed away. His oldest brother Michael passed away in Jan 2019 and the middle brother, Danny Cafferty unfortunately just passed away 2 days ago from bone cancer :*( I’ve been trying to help my cousins find their brother since 2006 and I have looked into this FB account and It doesn’t actually resemble Mark. Even the graduation photo within that account is definitely not him. He may being going under his Grandfather’s given name Mark G. McCafferty … Any help would be gratefully appreciated Peace~!

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