Somerville Man Asks Public’s Help To Bring News Home on Missing Brother 

This is my younger brother Mark G. Cafferty.Today is his 52nd birthday.He’s been missing since my Dad passed away in 2006.I was the last person to see him before he went to NYC then to L.A. I’m hoping that somehow or someone sees this and brings news (Good,bad or indifferent)..Thanks and God bless

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Any information please contact this news station. 

15 thoughts on “Somerville Man Asks Public’s Help To Bring News Home on Missing Brother ”

  1. Mark was a friend and classmate of mine at Matignon (class of ’83) and very well-liked by all our class. I remember him as being a kind, gentle, overall very nice guy and a crazy-talented artist. Hearing of his disappearance was devastating for my classmates and me. I think of him often and pray that he will be found safe and sound, and I pray for your family to have a happy ending to this sad situation.

    1. To Diane Moriarty: we sent the family that photo that you just provided to us from that web link and it looks almost identical to us but the family just replied back to us and said it was not him but thank you very much for your efforts. Its very much appreciated!
      Best regards,
      Bill Tauro, Publisher

    2. no. not him. i knew Mark my whole childhood and saw adult pics of him by his brother. he looks the same. but that pic in that link is not him. thanks for trying. hope they find him.

  2. Hi Mingus,
    Someone sent us that same lead earlier as well and it looks amazingly like Mark and very coincidentally the same name but unfortunately we confirmed it with the family as well as the gentleman in the photo it’s not him but thank you so much for your effort!
    Best regards,
    Bill Tauro, Publisher

    1. Yes,we’re very sure of it and deeply surprised and puzzled as well because he’s a perfect fit with his resemblance as well as his name. we spoke to him earlier this evening as well as the family this gentleman in the photo is originally from Dorchester then moved to the West coast later on in years but he assures us that he is not the person but wishes for Cafferty family the best of luck in finding their loved one again thank you for your effort its very much appreciated,


  3. I’m curious as to why this is not a listing under the F.B.I. missing persons. In addition, is there a Facebook page set up with additional photographs of Mark and any details at the time of disappearance; that is, height, body markings, clothing that was frequently worn, etc… Also, what was the method of travel at the time – bus, train or did he have a car?

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