Letter to the Editor:Somerville Area Homeowners Being Targeted by Driveway Paving Scam

-Two elderly residents have been scammed over the last 3 weeks-

(Woburn, MA) It has come to our attention that individuals posing as representatives from 1-800-ASPHALT are targeting elderly homeowners in the Somerville, MA area to contract residential driveway paving jobs. Be advised that they are NOT in any way affiliated with U.S. Pavement Services, which owns the 1-800-ASPHALT number and brand, and do not have authorization to do any work under that name and number. Anyone contacted by these fraudulent individuals should call the police immediately and under no circumstances write a check, disclose credit card or bank information to them or allow any work to be done on their property.

If you have any questions or concerns or have more information, call your local police department.

U.S. Pavement Services takes ethical business practices and identity security very seriously. Be aware that U.S. Pavement Services and most reputable paving contractors do not solicit residential work door-to-door or by cold calling homeowners.

Thank you

Eric Cox

One thought on “Letter to the Editor:Somerville Area Homeowners Being Targeted by Driveway Paving Scam”

  1. I recently read this article about the driveway paving scam that’s been plaguing homeowners in the Somerville area, and I was appalled. It’s sad to think that in this day and age, people are still being taken advantage of in such a way. It was an incredibly eye-opening read, and I had to share it with everyone I knew. I felt like it was important for people to be aware of this scam and the danger it poses to homeowners.

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