Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Jordan YANDLE (Disorderly, A&B on Police, Resisting), Davonte BOWDEN (Disorderly), Daishawn ULYSSE (Disorderly) & Andrew James (Disorderly)

On the morning of July 5th, 2016, while in uniform, I was assigned to marked unit East-1. At 12:00 AM, I was dispatched, along with East-4, Ofc. Prophete, to 25 Derby Street, for a report of a large group lighting fireworks, and being extremely loud.

        Upon arrival, there was a large group of approximately 40 people. Some people started running down Derby Street. All the remaining parties were advised to leave the area. Ofc. Prophete, Ofc. Bork, and I, drove to the end of Derby Street and advised all other parties to leave the area. At this point a fight broke out in the middle of Temple Street involving approximately 20 people. Motor vehicles had to stop short, and could not drive by safely due to the fact that the street was being blocked by a large group. I radioed to Somerville Dispatch to send some additional units to our location. The fight was broken up. The same group was once again advised to clear the area, and make their way home. At this point, Ofc. McNally, (east-2), Sgt. Holland, (S-8), and Trooper Kucha, (3823), arrived on scene. The group was moved along and all units cleared.

        At 12:42 AM, Ofc. McNally, Ofc. Bork, Ofc. Prophete, Ofc. Clark, Sgt. Holland, and I, were again dispatched to 25 Derby Street, for a report of approximately 20 people fighting. Upon arrival, there was a large group, which appeared to be the same people that was advised to clear the area. Many of them left, and made their way to 7 Memorial Road.

        At 1:04 AM, Officers arrived at 7 Memorial for a group that was being extremely loud, and chanting, “hand’s up, don’t shoot, Trayvon Martin, F*** the police, F*** the State Police, Call the Wagon, and Neighborhood”. 7 Memorial Road is the entrance of the Mystic Housing Developments, where hundreds of people reside. Many people in the area were looking out their windows to see what was happening. Some People came outside their houses, and cars stopped in the middle of Memorial Road to see what was going on. Once again, two separate groups of individuals started to fight, to which Officers broke up the fight. At this point, Trooper Kucha attempted to affect an arrest on a male party. That male party took off running, to which Trooper Kucha chased after him. The large crowd then started to run after Trooper Kucha. All Officers attempted to keep the crowd of approximately 70 people back. At this point a male party, later identified as Jordan Yandle, pushed, shoved, and grabbed my arm, trying to get by me. He also pushed and shoved Ofc. Prophete. Based on my training, I used a control technique to effect an arrest. Jordan kept trying to break his arms free as I was trying to place him under arrest. Many of his friends surrounded me, and tried to grab me off of Jordan as I was placing the second cuff on his right hand.

        Officers gave several verbal commands to the crowd, asking them to stay back. The crowd disregarded the commands, and refused to comply. At this time, Ofc. Prophete gave another verbal command to the crowd, and warned them that she will use her OC spray if they continue to interfere. The crowd disregarded the verbal commands, and were still surrounding me. Using her department issued OC spray, Ofc. Prophete delivered a one short burst of her OC spray.

        Jordan was picked up, and taken away from the crowd. Jordan’s friends continued to yell, scream, and gather around me. Davonte Bowden, Daishawn Ulysse, and Andrew James, all were told to leave the scene several times, however continued to be disorderly, scream extremely loud, and caused the crowd to get louder. They were all placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

        Unit #200 was requested to transport Jordan, Davonte, Daishawn, and Andrew to the Somerville Police Station to be booked in the usual manner by the shift commander Lt. D. deOliveira. Jordan was charged with c.265/s13D A&B on a Police Officer, c.268/32b Resisting Arrest, and c.272/s53 Disorderly conduct. Davonte, Daishawn, and Andrew were all charged with c272/s53 Disorderly conduct.

        I would add that glass beer bottles were thrown at Somerville Police vehicles.




Ofc. Alex Lorenti #322

Somerville Police


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