Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shoplifting at Sports Authority Assembly Row



On Tuesday, April 7, 2015, I was on duty and assigned to the Assembly Row area as unit A-2. At approximately 1:45PM, Officer Van Norstrand and I were dispatched to the Assembly Row MBTA station. The initial report was of a shoplifter who ran from the Sports Authority store with two Loss Prevention Employees chasing him.

When we arrived on scene, Officer Van Norstrand located Mr. Jesse Blouin and Mr. Brian Billow who were the pursuing store employees. They pointed out the suspect on the train platform and Officer Van Norstrand placed him in handcuffs for Officer safety. We were able to identify the suspect as Mr. Anthony Morales.

Mr. Blouin and Mr. Billow stated that they saw Mr. Morales conceal various pieces of New England Patriots fan apparel and leave the store. According to them, Mr. Morales exited the store and they confronted him outside. They claimed to have asked for the items back and requested that he return to the store so they could obtain his personal information. Both men said that their inquiry prompted Mr. Morales to run away (toward the train station). As he ran, Mr. Morales purportedly threw the merchandise he had stolen on the ground.

Mr. Blouin and Mr. Billow had collected the discarded merchandise and I saw that it was still in salable condition. In an effort to preserve the store’s profitability, I declined to seize the merchandise as evidence and allowed them to restock it for sale. The store provided me with a receipt listing the stolen merchandise and a copy was attached to this report. The total value of the stolen good was $104.80.

Mr. Morales did not make any statements at the scene about his activities in the store. A search of his person revealed one hypodermic syringe and witnesses saw him throw a “crack pipe” onto the tracks (recovered and thrown away). I placed him under arrest for “shoplifting by asportation 3rd offense” and he was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters for booking.

I would like to note that research of Mr. Morales Board of Probation record revealed four prior convictions for shoplifting (Arraignment dates 11/05/2002, 11/13/2007, 06/30/2009, 07/06/2009).

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Michael Perrone #296

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