Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shoplifting Arrest at Assembly Square


Hart Arrest

On March 24, 2015, I, Officer Tim Van Nostrand, was on duty and assigned to uniform patrol in marked cruiser E1. At approximately 7:10pm, I was dispatched along with Officer Schneider (E4) to Adidas at 544 Assembly Row for a shoplifter. Detective Brioso was in the area, and also responded.

Upon arrival, I spoke with the reporting party, , from Adidas rp stated a female entered the dressing room with 5 articles of clothing, gave another female 1 item to return, and then handed 2 items back to rp. This female then fled the store, where Officer Schneider was able to stop both parties at JP Licks. rp knew one item was a windbreaker type jacket, but was unsure of the other item.

Sitting at a table at JP Licks was Erica Jones, who accompanied the female who stole from Adidas. The other female, later identified as Sandra Hart, was locked inside the women’s room in JP Licks. Upon exiting the bathroom, her jacket was almost bursting at the seams. Inside the bathroom Officer Schneider located two empty clothing hangers.

I gave Hart numerous chances to remove the stolen items, but she failed to comply. She unzipped her jacket, and under her gray shirt was a multicolored windbreaker from Adidas. Hart was placed under arrest for Shoplifting by Concealing Merchandise. Jones was also placed under arrest for an outstanding warrant.

During booking, 2 articles that were stolen from Adidas were secured. Also found on Jones was a pair of wire cutters. The windbreaker is valued at $34.99. The other item is an Adidas zip up sweatshirt. By the time the clothing was secured from Hart, Adidas had closed for the evening. I will follow up with Adidas in the morning when they reopen.

Both items will be returned to Adidas, and a receipt will be printed out showing the exact value of the stolen items. Store surveillance will also be saved, and burned at a later date.

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