Here’s this Week’s Village Idiots of The Week” Choice and You Decide!



This week’s “Village Idiot” candidates are those morons who were arrested for stopping traffic on I-93 on the area of the Medford/Somerville line and arraigned in Somerville District Court this past week.

This stunt caused a commuter’s nightmare for thousands of people making them late for work and detouring ambulances to alternate medical facility’s endangering their patient’s lives.

All this because they decided to handcuff themselves to each other through barrels filled with concrete!

The candidates are:

Ana Cancino, of the South End
Jackson Chan, 22, of Back Bay…
Sabrina Ghaus, 22, of Dorchester
Nancy Griffin, 47, of Brighton
Johannes Huessy, 33, of Roxbury
Kendra Jae, 25, of Jamaica Plain
Mallory Kaczmarek, 29, of Roxbury
Jacquelyn Lemus, 24, of East Boston
Diana Mai, 25, of Allston
Monica Majewski, 25, of Dorchester
Thu Nguyen, 23, of Jamaica Plain
Katharine Seitz, of Dorchester
Kathryn Selcraig, 22, of Somerville
David Voutour, 30, of Somerville
Three were charged with disorderly conduct, trespassing and conspiracy:
Benjamin Woods, 31, of Jamaica Plain
Ian Trefethen, 33, of Hyde Park
Jessica Lowell, 29, of Arlington
And one was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon (an expandable baton), disorderly conduct, trespassing and conspiracy:
Andrew Murray, 26, of Byfield

All were arraigned at the Somerville District Court.

Sent in by our readers:
Does this group deserve to be the “Village idiots of the Week”, we don’t know who does so you decide!
This news tip was sent in by our readers!

Send Us Your Choice for This Week’s Somerville News Weekly “Village Idiot of the Week!”
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One thought on “Here’s this Week’s Village Idiots of The Week” Choice and You Decide!”

  1. saw a video of one of these fleabags saying..”Get out of my way I have to get to my car”. HOW IRONIC….people should have followed her and sat around her car for awhile!!

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