Real Life Somerville Police Stories:Shoplifting Assembly Row $80 Puma Sneakers



Casey Arrest age 32

At approximately 4:20pm on Sunday November 9, 2014 I, Officer Salvatore Fusco while on duty in uniform and assigned to the east 1 patrol car was on a business contact at the Puma store located at Artisan Way. After entering the Puma Store I was approached by an unknown woman who said that there were three men fighting in front of Saks Off fifth Ave. After hearing what the woman reported I immediately left the store and notified Somerville Police Dispatch while responding to Saks of what was reported to me and they said that they had just received a phone call regarding the incident.

Upon arriving at Saks off 5th Ave. I was directed to the security office by a store associate. Upon arriving at the security office I spoke to the store loss prevention officer who said that he had apprehended an individual who was leaving the store with a pair of sneakers that he had put on. He said that the individual who was later identified as Erick Casey had removed his own sneakers and then put on a pair of Puma sneakers valued at $80.00 and attempted to leave the store.

Loss prevention said that during the apprehension of Erick Casey he observed that Erick Casey had two North Face Jackets with tags on them inside of a Lord and Taylors shopping bag which was lined with tin foil. The tin foil is used to defeat the security alarms that are in the entrance ways of the stores by shielding the security devices from the sensors.

After speaking with loss prevention I placed Erick Casey under arrest for shoplifting and he was transported to Somerville Police Headquarters.

After Placing Erick Casey into the custody of Officer Isaacs in unit 200, I went to Sports Authority with the two North Face Jackets that were in the Lord and Taylor Bag because I recognized the tags as ones that I had previously observed in the store. Upon arriving at Sports Authority I spoke with the operations manager and who confirmed that both of the jackets were from Sports Authority. After she confirmed that the jackets were from the store I asked her for a receipt with the value of the jackets at which time she had an associate print one for me. I would also be charging Erick Casey for receiving stolen property for the two jackets as they had not been purchased and still had the security tags on them.

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