Real Life Somerville Police Stories

Palanjian arrest/Disorderly

On Saturday 12/28/13 I, Officer Pulli,
was in full uniform and assigned to marked Unit West six along with Officer Schneider during the evening shift. The following is a summary of events that occurred related to incident #130474111:

At approximately 9:22 PM, we were dispatched to Kidder Ave., for a report of a Breaking and Entering in progress. We arrived a short time later along with Unit West five(Officer Jean-Jacques). Upon arrival, I observed a female, later identified as Lisa Palanjian, via MA id, on the front porch of the residence with the screen door open attempting to open the front door.

We asked Palajian if she lived at Kidder Ave. and she replied “don’t worry about it”. I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breathe, she had difficulty standing up, and had glassy eyes. We asked Palajian if she knew anyone that lived at this residence and she said she did, but could not provide us with any names.

Officer Schneider spoke briefly with the residents of Kidder Ave., who stated Palanjian was not known to them and had entered their residence just prior to our arrival. They said they confronted Palanjian and demanded she leave. They said Palanjian walked out onto the front porch, but once they shut the door she proceeded to try and open the door to reenter the residence again.

Officer Schneider and I asked Palanjian where she lived, at which time, Palanjian began to yell in a loud and incoherent manner. Palanjian began repeating our questions back to us in a loud and aggressive way. I directed Palanjian to stop yelling several times. Pedestrians walking by and vehicular traffic had stopped to observe the commotion while multiple neighbors were coming onto their porches.

At this point, Palanjian was placed into handcuffs in a manner consistent with our training. After being placed in handcuffs Palanjian continued to yell profanities and make threats. Unit 200(Officer Manfra) was dispatched to our location and transported Palanjian to the station where she was booked in the usual manner by the shift commander, Sgt. Marino.

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