Real Life Somerville Police Stories

20131221-051846.jpgDugas arrest:

On 12/19/13, officers from the Anti Crime and Drug/ Vice Control Unit had been investigating a reported criminal offense of sexual conduct by way of monitoring this type of sexual activity on the Internet web. Police
responded to the advertisement and made contact with the defendant, Magan Dugas (DOB 09-22-88). Police made arrangements to meet Dugas at a local hotel where she offered sexual service to undercover officers. Police
placed the defendant Magan Dugas under arrest for Offering Sexual Conduct for a fee.

3 thoughts on “Real Life Somerville Police Stories”

  1. It makes me so sad that I am 3 years sober and have worked so hard and this just won’t go away!!

  2. It’s funny this picture is not me I am magan and I have been sober for years! But this is not me!

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